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Solar Energy Savings: How Much Can You Save From Solar Panels?

Uncategorized 09/02/2021

Solar Energy Savings

Looking for a solar system for your home or looking for a solar installer for your business?

In this article, we explore all the solar energy savings possibilities. 

Are you one of the many people looking to economize and save money in the family or business budget? One of the ways some are choosing to cut expenses is by investing in solar panels. 

Solar energy savings is just one of the numerous benefits of solar panels you can experience when you choose this energy production method for your home. But how much can you expect to save?

Variable Factors and Upfront Costs

Solar panel costs are minimal compared to what the average person saves in utility costs over the life of the panels. However, your installation expenses vary based on several factors.

The size and angle of your roof, local electricity rates, and the number of hours of direct sunlight your home receive all affect your initial costs. A professional installer can help you determine the number of panels you need to produce enough electricity to run your home efficiently. 

Current Expenses vs. Solar Energy Savings

If you’re looking to start saving, solar can help cut your energy bills. A measure of your savings can be based on your current utility expenses versus solar panel savings. It’s not an exaggeration to expect to save up to 80% on utility costs.

In order to decide if solar power benefits are worth the investment, calculate your yearly savings based on your average monthly cost now in comparison to the cost with solar panels.

For example, and using 80% as your average savings, a $200 per month utility bill would be reduced to about $40 per month. This means a savings of $160 per month or a yearly savings of over $1,900! 

Saving for a Rainy Day

What do you do during a hot Australian summer when your panels produce more electricity than you need in a day? You save it for a rainy day. You might also want to consider the purchase of a Tesla Solar Battery.

These batteries take up very little space and can easily store up to 13.5kWh of energy to be used on overcast or rainy days or at night when your panels aren’t producing enough energy from the sun.

Tesla Solar batteries, also known as The Powerball 2, are backed by a 10-year warranty. They are easily managed by an app on your cellphone even when you’re not home and will kick in automatically when a power outage is detected. In this way, you’ll achieve even greater savings. 

Choose Solar and Save

There are countless reasons to go solar. Saving money is probably the most important factor for most consumers. We hope you’ve seen that the upfront investment in solar panels is worth it compared to the money you’ll save.

Conventional energy costs are not expected to go down in the future. In fact, according to solar.com, utility costs are rising at an average rate of 2.5% annually. Guard your family’s finances against these rising costs by choosing solar energy for your home. 

If you’re ready to get more information about home installation and solar energy savings, contact the professionals at All Green Environmental Solutions today for a free installation estimate.

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