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The middle-aged man dodged three steps and shouted, "Surround them!" More than a dozen people behind him shouted in unison and immediately began to pack seconds. Jade skin this also got angry, loud way: "One horn, strange hand, three eyes, you go up!" That group of people's martial arts, a look is not bad, all are masters, but can not stand the golden mane king they stretch out their hands, encounter was hit far away, fortunately the golden mane king they are not deadly, enough is enough, hit seven or eight in a row, it is like an egg hitting a stone. A mountain path was opened. "Don't pay any attention to them," said Jade Skin to the King of Golden Mane. "It's important to hurry." The one in front found that the other party could not form an army, and saw the opponent who had defeated his own people. At this time, it would be strange if everyone dared to fight. As soon as he shouted, he immediately fled in all directions. This group of Mongolian Wulin was not powerful enough, so they didn't dare to pursue and kill them. One of the old men seemed to be the leader. He greeted the Jade Skin and others and said, "Thank you very much. The old man is very grateful." "Don't make a mistake, everyone. We are not helping you at all," said the Golden Mane King. "Daxia!" "Old Bao Guozhong," said the old man, "you saved us anyway." "Where did those people come from?" Yufu asked. "It's the Red Beard of the Hinggan Mountains," said the old man. "It's a feud with the old Helan Sect." "Well, I don't ask you about the past and the present,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, I'm sorry!"! We're on our way. Farewell to the Golden Mane King! "This is a muddle-headed fight," said the lone actor in the Mongolian martial arts world, remembering to laugh. "Although those men aren't worth a blow from the four of you," said Jade Skin, "their leader probably isn't inside. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been defeated so easily." Run to noon, everybody looks for a place to have lunch, jade skin asks to 4 people: "Terrain is the most familiar you, where is this?" "Hope is the best,caustic calcined magnesite," said the lone horn. "Three eyes are the worst. I've never been here before." "This is Gualan Mountain," said Jinmang. "The main peak is on the left. Miss, there are still ninety miles to go in the Southern Tanggula Mountains." One horn encounters suddenly: "Girl, I have reaction! I have reaction!" Jade Skin said in a frightened voice, "It's reasonable to say that he has a reaction to the golden mane, the strange hand, and the three eyes. You all have the same way. Why don't they?" "Miss," said the Golden Mane, "in terms of reaction, the single horn is better than ours. The horn on his head is particularly clever." "Dujiao," said Yufu, "is there an enemy hiding?" "No, it's a fight, three miles to the right." "Go and have a look, everyone," said Yufu. "There must be one side on our side." Two miles away, on the bank of a river, there was an extremely fierce fight. On one side were the city God, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,dap diammonium phosphate, the mother judge and his wife, and one was the Holy Mother of Ice. The opponents were the God of Fire, the Mother of Fire, and five or six unknown old people. It seemed that it was the hand of the God of Fire. Next, seven men and women have died on the ground. Jade skin arrived, her complexion suddenly changed, regardless of the fierce arena, such as lightning near a seriously injured woman, hugged and shouted excitedly: "Bai Ruyun, Bai Ruyun, how are you?" It turned out that the one who was seriously injured was the first girlfriend that Duguku got to know. She was badly hurt. "Who are you?" She asked painfully. Jade skin is urgent: "You forget, I am jade skin!" Bai Ruyun sighed, "Sister, please tell Duguku that I can't see him again." "Sister Bai, don't talk nonsense.". Where are you hurt? "Sister!"! I was hurt by the'Heavenly Mother's Heart Sword 'of Mother Tianyan. Zhenyuan is badly damaged. I just want to come alone, because only he can cure it. But he doesn't know where he is? The jade skin stands to the golden mane to shout loudly: "Hurry up, you and three eyes quickly carry the white girl to look for the childe, you can certainly find.". Bai Ruyun said, "I can't stand it any more. Sister Yu, don't worry about me. Go and check Shafei and Xuesefen. In order to save me, they were also hurt by the sword. Quick, they fell in the grass by the river." Yu Lian was so frightened that he hoped the king would carry Bai Ruyun on his back and walk to the river. But he was stopped by a strange hand and said, "Oh!" Mother, don't go. The two white girls are dead. Bai Ruyun cried, "It was I who hurt them. How can I explain to Duguku in the future?".
” Jade skin near: "White elder sister, Ah Ku is very sad of course, but won't blame you!" Then he said to the King of the Golden Mane, "You go quickly, three eyes, you have to take good care of it!" Bai Ruyun said, "Sister Yu, please go to help my grandmother. Her opponents are all disciples of the God of Fire. Pay special attention to the monster on the cliff in front of her. He is the'evil demon of all ages' of Daqiandao. Although he is not the backstage supporter of the God of Fire, he has the intention to see that both sides will lose." "All right, I'll write it down. You try to be patient. You must hold back your last breath to see Ah Ku." The Golden Mane King and the Three Eyes set off in a hurry. The Jade Skin stood up to the Strange Hand and the Single Horn and said, "Go quickly to meet the Holy Mother of Bingqing. Be careful. Don't send yuan Dan in disorder." Jade Skin did not know the couple of the city God and the mother judge, but she asked the mother judge and said hurriedly, "Senior, please step down and have a rest. The younger generation wants to collect a big bill from the old woman." "Who are you?" The judge asked in a deep voice. Her palms kept on, even defending and attacking! "You'll never forget that I'm a friend of his," said Yufu. Judge Mother dodged and said, "Beware of her." The Heavenly Mother Heart Sword is'! ". The Jade Skin covered the Mother of Heaven and replied to the judge, "The younger generation is trying to learn about her Heavenly Mother's Heart Sword." "Girl," Mother Tianyan shouted, "what kind of person are you that dares to speak so wildly?" "You've already killed two of my sisters," said Jade Skin with a sneer. "Now I want you to pay your debts. Don't ask too much. Just do it." "Little girl, grandma, I'd like to see how good you are." Then he shook the sword and waved it, and the strange light of the sword body flashed. As soon as the jade skin makes a move is "the infinite sky light refers", only sees her to have the arm to wave, five fingers send out five lines of vigor, meets the heavenly mother heart sword, stands listens to tinkle, only shakes the sword light to scatter. Half of Mother Tianyan's hand holding the sword was numb. She was so frightened that she dodged and asked, "Girl, are you the disciple of Shen Yu Xianmu?" "Cut the crap," said Jade Skin with a sneer. The right palm is closed, the left palm is sent again,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and the body is like lightning. Mother Tianyan did not dare to take it by force, so she immediately took the offensive as the defensive. "Then she shouted," Girl. You and I have no quarrel! 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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