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Several people who had disapproved of the appearance of Van Galo in the last second experienced an indescribable feeling at this moment that even the soul seemed to be firmly involved. Song Rui had been psychologically prepared, and naturally did not lose his temper, but his breathing still stagnated for a moment. Staring at the young man on the screen, he was stunned to find that he was also staring at himself through the camera, through the barrier of time and space. Suddenly, his red lips opened slightly and he said silently, "We meet again." …… I'm looking forward to our next meeting. In the strong palpitations, Song Rui suddenly remembered the young man's words, then covered his face with his hands and secretly hooked his lips. It turns out that you have already foreseen this reunion. Changed the URL, changed the URL, changed the URL, everyone re-collection of new URLs, new m.. New computer version After everybody collects, opens in the new website, later the old website will not be able to open. Chapter 622 of the table of contents Van Galo suddenly looked back and frightened all the people hiding in the observation room. Even Song Warmth, who was known as a general, could not help but be frightened for a moment. Dr. Qian, a philosopher, sighed,juice filling machine, "You deserve to be a star. You have sharp eyes." "I almost thought he could really see us," Dr. Ouyang, a sociologist, joked with a forced smile as he calmed down. "Yes," echoed Dr. Lin, a metaphysician, "I suddenly looked at him in a daze. His eyes were still so sharp. It was really frightening. But I have heard about him,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, although he predicted Gao Yize's death, but later someone sent Weibo to expose his fraud, saying that the death sketch was based on a photo taken at the scene of Gao Yize's death, the so-called prediction is just a hype. Song Wenwen hooked his lips and laughed sarcastically: "I also read that Weibo, and I have to say that Mr. Fan's hype is really inferior.". He dares to make up a fraud that can be exposed so easily, and it seems that his brain is not very bright. By the way, he seemed to say something to the camera just now. Dr. Song, you are good at lip reading. Can you tell us what he said? Song Rui felt a little uncomfortable with Song's warm sarcasm, but instead of looking at her, he kept staring at the young man on the screen who had hung his head again and waited forever, whispering: "He's saying that we meet again." Song Warmth hurriedly asked the director to play back the camera for a few minutes, and then compared the mouth shape word by word, and found that the sentence really meant that we met again. Who is he meeting with? Which player in the field does he know? Song Warmth was puzzled. Song Rui chuckled and said slowly, water bottling line ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "I was also involved in the case of Gao Yize falling from a building, and I fought with Mr. Fan twice and was defeated twice.". He looked directly at us and said that in this observation room, the only person worthy of the words of reunion seemed to be me. He raised his head and looked straight at his cousin, his voice as hoarse as a handful of sand. "Didn't you ever think that he could really penetrate the barrier of time and space and see us hiding here?"? There were two photographers around him, and dozens of monitors around him. How did he find the only monitor among so many video recording instruments that could connect the shadow painting to a large display screen in the middle of the observation room, so that all of us could see him at the same time? His acumen is far beyond your imagination. Song Rui gazed at the young man on the screen and said word by word, "I don't know if he is a psychic, but I know he is not ordinary." Song Warmth asked in disbelief, "You just said that you fought with Van Galo twice and lost twice?" No wonder she can't accept this reality, because in her life of more than 20 years, she has never seen her cousin fail, so she has always firmly believed that there is nothing in the world that her cousin can't do. Song Rui nodded and bowed, but there was no frustration in his eyes, but an unusually bright light. Song Wenwen carefully chewed what his cousin had just said, only to find that there was something unusual about Van Galo.
So many monitors were installed around him, and the images taken by these machines were switched and cut on these screens at any time. Everything was random and uncertain, but he did not hesitate at all. He found the monitor with the best shooting angle and connected to the middle screen directly and accurately, so that all the judges had to accept the impact of his sharp eyes. He even knew that there was an old friend of his in the observation room. Are these all coincidences? Song Warmth has no way to know the answer, but she really knows that it must not be ordinary people who can make her cousin sit up and take notice. This Vagala is a little interesting! Thinking of this, she dodged the camera and sent a message to the director, asking him to arrange more scenes for Vagalor. In fact, without her instructions, the director also realized the fantastic effect of the reality show brought by the addition of Van Galo. Not to mention whether his ability is true or false, just the moment he appears, it is enough to attract too many people's attention. Not seen in public for a long time, his appearance is more prosperous than ever, his temperament is more unique, even if it is a small move, he can also show a soul-stirring aesthetic feeling. But his facial features have not changed much, just a little longer, there are more ripples, there are more reverie blank, especially the pair of black to the extreme pupil, the flow of mysterious light. By rights, his appearance should have been the focus of attention, but when he stood in the darkness, it seemed that he had really disappeared. The director was amazed by Van Galo when they first met, but in any case, he couldn't figure out how he ignored each other. He could not help but turn on a spotlight on the top of Vagnaro's head, so that the other side could not escape in the sudden bright light. The suddenly illuminated seat attracted the attention of all the contestants, and only then did they gasp and look in amazement at the young man sitting in the light. He was so dazzling that he felt his pupils hurt when he looked at him. Song Rui held his breath, eager to know how Van Galo,Edible oil filling machine, who was being watched by everyone, would deal with it. But Van Galo still sat quietly with his head down, his back straight and his knees covered. His eyelashes did not even flutter as the glare shone down. gzxilinear.com

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